Andrew Sullivan Goes Over the Line in a Delusional Blog Post

In today’s Daily Beast, Andrew Sullivan has posted a blog post that is so delusional and so over the line that it goes far beyond anything he has yet written in the many tirades he has posted against Israel.  In the course of the post, he argues the following:

First, “a Third World War based on religion” is most likely “inevitable.” The cause of that war will most likely not be the mullahs and theocrats of Iran, which might indeed be the case if its leaders succeed in obtaining nuclear weapons, but rather the Jewish state of Israel!

Second, he actually says -- putting himself in the shadow of dozens of notorious anti-Semites from Father Coughlin to Gerald L.K.Smith in the 1930s, to Pat Buchanan and his supporters in present day America -- that the media in the United States is controlled by Jewish interests, and hence is friendly to Israel. He writes that the Israeli government can rally “its media outlets (like Fox, and the Washington Post),” as well as “a key part of the Democratic fundraising machinery to side entirely with Israel against the US president.” I bet you did not realize that Fox, the Washington Post, and the Democratic National Committee were all controlled by Israel and its lobby!

Third, and most serious of all, he concludes his article with the truly bizarre charge that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu (who, he earlier writes, is beholden to his “neo-fascist base”) is “in league with Romney, Santorum and Gingrich,[and] will make his move to get rid of Obama soon. [my emphasis] And he will be more lethal to this president than any of his domestic foes.”

Let us parse that paragraph for a brief moment. He does not write they will try to get Obama removed from office by a presidential campaign, in which the citizenry might heed their call and elect one of them our president if successful, but that they will try to “get rid of” him in a “lethal” way. Is this just bad writing, or is Sullivan suggesting in some underhanded manner that Netanyahu and his controlled Republican candidates are trying somehow to assassinate or shoot him?

His article is filled with other major gaffes. He takes a news analysis in the New York Times and accuses it of minimizing “the potentially catastrophic global consequences of an Israeli-initiated war against another Muslim nation.” The story is just one person’s analysis, not an official document.