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Shame on Chris Matthews

I have blogged endlessly- and too much- on Bill Ayers. But his resurrection tour, like Bob Dylan's neverending tour, goes on and on. And so must comments about those in the media who continue to buy into the purpose of his reissued book and his current campaign.

Last night he appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews. One can hardly wait for Matthews to leave MSNBC and run for the Senate. Or, he should at least change the name of his program to "Softball with Chris Matthews." Because, as the video of his program shows, Matthews allowed Ayers to get away with everything, and to use Ayers' 10 minutes of air time to repeat his standard litany of lies over and over.

Matthews obviously has not done his homework. I don't expect that he would have read any of my numerous blogs about Ayers, or even my published letter in The New York Times, but I thought he might have read Katha Pollitt's devastating article in The Nation website that lets Ayers have it, no holds barred. She summarizes Ayers' apologia, and tears it apart. As she writes; "Spectacular violence, and creating fear of it, was the point."

Calling Ayers "Thuggish, vainglorious" and "egomaniacal" is more accurate that Matthews' response, which is that after listening to him, declaring that he is a "changed man" and not the person who was in The Weather Underground. Matthews allowed Ayers to repeat that he did not advocate or praise bombings in his memoir; that he was simply part of a broad anti-war coalition that was correct about everything, and like Matthews, wants a new foreign policy so America does not come off as a superior nation over others. Just your average standard left/liberal Democrat- like Matthews.