Ron Radosh

He makes disturbing comments about Putin, and Pence scrambles to mitigate them.
Bernie Sanders pals around with Jew haters, and no one notices.
Politicizing the profession even more than it already is.
Sam Tanenhaus at 'The New York Times' thinks so.
James Comey's report severely damages Hillary's campaign and credibility.
If Hillary has any credibility left, she must apologize and be upfront with the American people.
That "something going on" is the daily decline in Trump's support for the GOP nomination.
The leftist terror apologist is a terrible choice.
Why Paul Berman's open letter to "Comrade Sanders" in Tablet is very, very foolish and wrong-headed.
Bernie Sanders succeeded. The Democrats will become an anti-Israel socialist party.
Nothing of the Times' accusations regarding Trump comes close to what women have accused Bill Clinton of.
We have means to halt all other present dangers -- except for Trump's foreign policy.