Ron Radosh

The truth about Trumbo? Breaking bad.
How can Democrats break their cycle of epistemic closure and admit that radical Islam is a fact?
Again, it comes down to who is electable.
Still convinced that "occupation" and "settlements" are the cause of strife, not jihad.
I don’t expect Bernie Sanders to become the Democrats' nominee, but what he will accomplish is to popularize socialism in the United States.
Will the GOP learn anything from her debate victory?
“When the revolution comes, we’ll all have apple pie.”
I predict The Donald will suffer the fate Rick Perry did in 2012.
Bernie's economically unfeasible proposals are a reflection of just how far left the Democratic Party has moved.
One has to wonder if this once majority party has made a suicide pact. Are the Democrats following the same path with Bernie Sanders?
His policies, after all, have ended in this tragedy.
Anything can happen, but Democratic prospects are weak no matter the candidate.