The Hillary Win: Just to Remind You...

Here was my November 16 prediction about the course of the Democratic primary contests:

Here’s the picks: Obama wins Iowa, Hillary second, Edwards third. Hillary narrowly beats Obama in New Hampshire, Edwards third. Edwards withdraws and endorses Obama before the South Carolina primary which Obama wins. I just don’t have a strong opinion about Nevada and I don’t think the race will be over after the early-state primaries, because Hillary’s got the big bucks to fight on through Super Tuesday. But I think in the end Obama wins the nomination. I’ll let you know who the next Prez will be once we know the GOP nominee.


Check it out on the site if you will. Except for a whisper thin Edwards second place finish in Iowa, all on the mark. Now if Edwards was smart…

p.s. Commenters please spare us you Hillary hating, Obama baiting, I’m just weary of it all. It all sounds the same and has been said a million times before. Or try this: find a single virtue in a candidate you otherwise dislike. It’ might be a good exercise for all of us. If we can’t then it’s likely we’re a little too partisan, no?


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