Roger L. Simon

How Democrats Teach Immigrants to Be Criminals

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif. gestures during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 27, 2017. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

In turning a blind eye or taking a blasé attitude to illegal immigration, Democrats are actually encouraging or even teaching these immigrants to be criminals, that crime pays.

Don’t believe me.  Believe Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. After all, it was Blumenthal who was scholarly enough to remind us at the Kavanaugh hearings of the importance of that apothegm of Roman law “falsus in uno falsus in omnibus” (false in one thing, false in everything).

It’s no great stretch to say that by allowing people to enter our country “undocumented” (i. e. break the law), Democrats are simply telling them the laws of our country don’t really count.  They are to be winked at or broken.  Similarly, when supposedly well-intended employees of non-governmental organizations explain to those immigrants how to game the asylum system by distorting their backgrounds, they are doing essentially the same thing — demonstrating to these people that disobeying the law is useful, even laudatory.

Do these immigrants internalize that message?  A number apparently had it already and didn’t need any prodding, but some must have been, excuse the metaphor, pushed over the fence in that regard. How many is impossible to know. Any statistics about the immigrant population in general have to be taken with a mammoth grain of salt.

Why?  To begin with, we don’t even know, by a long shot, how many illegal aliens actually are in this country in the first place.  For years the figure of 11 million was bandied about and mostly accepted.  Just recently a MIT-Yale study found, to their own astonishment, the real number might be in excess of 22 million, twice as many. That’s more people than currently live in New York State.

So, whatever their degree of lawlessness, we have a gigantic population that already broke a significant law of the land and is undoubtedly breaking others — using false IDs at the  very least — in order to stay afloat. In others words a subculture the size of New York is functioning among us outside the system with no real way of monitoring what they are doing or who they are.  Apple and Google doubtless know more about our illegal alien population than our own government. They certainly have better access. And this ignores the hardened criminals, gang members, terrorists, cop killers, drug dealers and on and on.  It is the definition of a culture of corruption and we are living in it.

The Democrats don’t seem to think about this at all.  Nancy Pelosi says a wall is “immoral” but at the same time claims she supports “border security.”  How?  Of what nature?  How much is she willing to pay for such security, whatever it is?  That is never specified. Meanwhile, cities and whole states — her own California — are sanctuaries and people are murdered.  But they want those voters – all 22 million if possible.

We have been informed that Wednesday at the White House Schumer and Pelosi interrupted Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen when she was reciting the current statistics on border crime, including the interception of 3700 potential terrorists.  They just didn’t want to hear — and not for the reason I stated above.

Considering that both of these people did support a border wall only a few years ago, it’s unlikely that they support anything in reality but fending off their left flank and staying in power (and, of course, those votes).  Oh, and opposing whatever Trump is for, even if it were a cure for brain cancer. What is moral is situational to say the least.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party’s immigration non-policy is essentially a school for crime.  But we here in the great beyond are being led to believe the putative #governmentshutdown is the real problem.  As if.  (Actually, I kind of like it.)

Roger L. Simon – co-founder and CEO Emeritus of PJ Media – is an author and screenwriter.