Roger L. Simon

Can We Trust the FBI?

Can We Trust the FBI?
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Peter Strzok.  Lisa Page.  AndrewMcCabe.  James Comey.

Sound familiar?

That’s the FBI — the folks who are being asked to investigate, apparently for one week,  the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.  Yes, that group is mercifully gone now, but who is behind them?  And what have we not yet learned of the internal conspiracy against President Trump currently being investigated by the inspector general?  Who else is involved and who then will be conducting and supervising this investigation? Will it be the same people?

In other words, can we trust the FBI with this when the institution itself is so tainted and deeply in need of reform?

This is the stuff of totalitarian cultures. If things were different, we could applaud an investigation into Judge Kavanaugh’s activities and, I would imagine, so would he.  It would clear his name once and for all and he could go on with his life.  But no one would suggest an investigation by the NKVD or the Stasi would be fair.  What can we say about the FBI, given what we already know?

How then can this be regulated and dealt with under the present circumstances?

It’s not easy, but at minimum the activities of the Democrats should also be investigated.  How did Dr. Ford’s testimony come to be?  Why was there such a delay between the accusation arriving in Senator Feinstein’s office and appearing before the public?  Who authorized that leak and how did it happen?  Was Dr.  Ford being manipulated by political operatives, her lawyers and/or cooperative members of the media?  Or was Dr. Ford herself corrupt?

These questions weigh on the investigation just as much as what Brett Kavanaugh may or may not have done 36 years ago and certainly a lot more than what was written in his high school yearbook.

The only defense we citizens have against this increasingly dubious institution known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation is to watch as closely as we can what is going on and yell as loudly as possible when it is off base.  And remember — sear into your brain — what happened and vote accordingly in November.

Roger L. Simon – co-founder and CEO Emeritus of  PJ Media – is an author and screenwriter.