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The Russians Are NOT Coming -- But What About the Iranians?

It's been over fifty years--believe it or not--since Norman Jewison's comedy hit The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, starring Carl Reiner and Alan Arkin, among others, made fun of the perpetual distrust (justified or not) we Americans and the then Soviet Russkies had for each other.  The liberal filmmakers had their message -- we should all just relax and love each other.

For those same liberals -- perhaps including Reiner and Arkin, who are very much still with us -- the situation seems to have completely reversed.  Liberals and progs these days are aping Reagan, naming Russia as the Evil Empire.  They wouldn't dare make jokes about the spy ship currently thirty miles off our coast -- it's a matter of urgent seriousness now -- even though we have been spying on them and they on us since the 1920s at least, and probably before.

Apparently the gravity of this espionage is contingent on who's in power. When you're out, it's of the utmost concern.  When you're in, it's business as usual.

Similarly, when a new administration comes in, they try to make nice with Russia, eventually fail, and then revert to form.  Clinton, Bush and Obama all tried it. (Oh, how Obama tried it.)  And now it's Trump's turn. Of course, if you read the junior varsity propagandists at the New York Times, this all began with Donald.  But you'd need a lobotomy to believe the NYT these days.  Actually, four presidents in a row falling over each other to woo the Russians unsuccessfully could make a pretty funny comedy were Chaplin still alive -- or the Marx Brothers. Ninotchka revisited.  But nothing of that quality exists now.

One president though did woo the Russians toward a good end, the aforementioned Reagan who pushed Gorbachev over the edge into glasnost.  Trump is attempting to follow in Ronald's footsteps, but may have a tougher mountain to climb.  The real problem with the Russians now is not their meddling in our elections, which is of maximum import only to Thomas Friedman, et al.  No evidence has surfaced that it had any concrete effect. Nor is the great problem even their expansionist goals in the Ukraine and elsewhere.  Bad as this is, it is conventional great power stuff.  We can deal with it and should.

But what is a true threat to the USA -- and many others -- is Russia's alliance with Iran.  Over the years, the Russians have been tsarists, communists and, now, oligarchists, but they have always been at least somewhat rational.  The Iranians are cuckoo.

Well, not all Iranians obviously, but enough of their leadership and their masses, millions of whom believe this Twelfth Imam mumbo jumbo with its accompanying end days theology. Just the folks to help militarily.  But the Russians are doing it.