Roger L. Simon

From Paris to San Berdoo, Obama's War on Western Civ Continues

To lay the blame for what happened Wednesday in San Bernardino on Barack Obama might seem excessive. But if not on him, who? From the day he took office, the president has been engaged in a game of outright denial that Islam has anything to do with what is wrong in the world.

In fact, if he ever points a finger, it’s usually at Western imperialism or Christianity or Republicans or Benjamin Netanyahu (to name a few of his favorite enemies).

But never at the I-word.

To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, “When somebody says it’s not about Islam, it’s about Islam.”

Syed Farook did not go to Saudi Arabia to study Zen Buddhism.

America, and its trailing entities in Europe, has a problem now of gargantuan proportions. Barack Obama was and is precisely the wrong man, possibly the worst conceivable man, to be president of the United States at this point in history. No one more invidious could be invented.

Consider how, on hearing of the mass murders in San Bernardino, the first thing out of his mouth was … gun control. That is not just blindness. It’s something scarier — willfull distortion for evil political ends.

Consciously or unconsciously, probably both, this man seeks to destroy the very thing that nurtured him from Honolulu to the White House.

So now the game has changed and Islamic terror has reached our shores as never before, just as many have predicted. It has invaded our bourgeois neighborhoods, with the neighbor next door unwilling to a report a garage bomb factory for fear of being called racist. (This, too, is at the foot of Obama.) What, in the words of Lenin, is to be done?

First, elect a Republican. Put these people out of the White House. Keep Obama’s confused and prevaricating successor Mrs. Clinton away from the levers of power. This has become more necessary than ever in the wake of San Bernardino. That means — and all candidates should pay strict attention — that Ronald Reagan’s rule about not attacking fellow Republicans must be meticulously observed. A circular firing squad would be more lethal than ever at this moment because all of America would be standing in the middle of that circle, not to say Western civilization. We cannot afford the luxury of internecine warfare.

Secondly, thinking of that neighbor of Syed Farook, for Pete’s sake: “if you see something, say something.” We should put that on billboards across the country. Because, unless we’re unbelievably lucky, what happened in San Berdoo is only the beginning.

Thirdly, explicitly outlaw Sharia in the United States.

Fourth — and we all know this — close those borders. And forget refugees from Syria and the rest of those benighted lands. Better to take care of them in the refugee camps of the Middle East than to clean up after a bloodbath in a Pittsburgh suburb.

UPDATE:  The literal DESPERATION to keep blaming the San Bernardino carnage on “workplace grievances” as CNN is still doing is nothing short of delusional and an example of the cognitive disorder engulfing our media and the left in the face of radical Islam.