Roger L. Simon

Leadership Test: How Will the Republican Candidates Handle the Iran Deal?

While the Donald Trump sideshow has been sucking the oxygen from the news cycle over the last few days, the Obama administration has been off quietly doing what they do best — undermining America and the free world at every opportunity.

This time it’s the big one, finally bringing home the long-awaited Iran deal that promises peace in our time with the Islamic Republic much as Neville Chamberlain promised peace with Nazi Germany, although, unlike the Chamberlain agreement, made when Britain was militarily weak, we are the military powerhouse giving away the store to the vastly weaker side — and that store is reported to include  a “signing bonus” of some fifty billion bucks, good news indeed for Hezbollah, Hamas,  the Houthi,  the Revolutionary Guards and, among other mass murderers, Bashar al-Assad.

Of course, this “deal” was obtained via a virtual litany of rolled-back red lines on the American side that allow for no real way of ascertaining if Iran is cheating or doing much of anything if they do.   And, as we all know, they already have cheated, multiple times and as recently as last month.

Beyond that, it’s not a deal anyway. It’s a hudna, an Arabic term for a temporary cease-fire derived from the ten-year timeout taken by Mohammed  from his battle with the Quraysh tribe in 628AD, before he regrouped and destroyed them.   We are apparently signing a similar hudna with Iran for a similar ten years.  Is that what we want?

We have sixty days to get this deal overturned by Congress, but it needs to be by a super majority (two-thirds vote) to override a veto. Not easy.  It’s too late to revile Senator Corker for acquiescing to this arrangement. Or anybody else, for that matter.  What’s done is done. We don’t need a circular firing squad. We’ve got a much bigger one pointed at us.   The time to stop the deal is now.

Which brings me to this — where are our Republican candidates in all this?

Who will be the one (or hopefully ones) to step forward? Yes, I know most of them have paid lip service to opposing the deal, some even saying they would overturn it if elected. But we need more than that.  We need leadership now, someone to step forward to convince the country we are doing the wrong thing — yes, the kind of thing great presidents do.

But there’s no time to waste until they are president  This deal is being made now.  The barn door is opening and the horses are half way out, billions of dollars bound for the coffers of the terror masters about to be released, not to mention a Middle East nuclear arms race that would be like giving out submachine guns in a kindergarten.

Whoever this is who steps forward should be willing to share the glory because one person probably cannot do this alone.  My objection to Trump is not with what he is saying, but that he makes it consistently about him and not really about our country.  Nuclear-armed Iran is not only about our country, it’s about the human race.

Obama and Co. are betting the Islamic regime does not take its own ideology seriously. That’s a bet I wouldn’t want to make. The Republican base was angry that their representatives did not step forward to stop Obamacare.  Well, Obamacare is obviously trivial compared to nuclear war.  And now we have sixteen and growing candidates before the national media.  Lady and gentlemen, the time is now.  Do something.