The Only Way Hillary's Democratic Competition Can Defeat Her


Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, left, wipes sweat from his brow alongside his wife Katie as he addresses supporters during an event to announce that he is entering the Democratic presidential race, Saturday, May 30, 2015, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)



You’ve probably noticed a few intrepid souls have stuck their toes in the Democratic Party 2016 presidential race to contest the coronation of Queen Hillary.  So far they’re not doing too well.  According to the Real Clear Politics averages, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is running at 8.8% and former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley at a stupendous 0.8%.  (Two-thirds of them must have been at his announcement in Baltimore last week.) O’Malley’s even 1 percent behind Rhode Island’s Lincoln Chaffee, who hasn’t announced yet. He’s supposed to take the plunge on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Queen rules at 63.6%. The one who’s doing the best against her at 12.5% is that house -flipping squaw Elizabeth Warren, who claims not to be running and is a full 51.1% behind anyway.

So things look pretty bad for Sanders, O’Malley and, potentially, Chafee, and, oh yes, again potentially, Jim Webb, all of whom seem to be prepared to engage in a tedious bidding war for who has the most extreme progressive policies.  That will get them virtually nowhere — and if by some chance some idea catches fire, Hillary can co-opt it in ten minutes.  She may lose a few points here and there (she’s even losing them now) but she’ll end up cruising to the nomination anyway.

But there is one way they can win, any of them, but they have to be truly daring and honest. It’s simple, actually.  They  can win by speaking the truth and calling Hillary a liar — publicly and definitively.  They can add that it is terrible for our country that someone known to be dishonest becomes president.  We have gone from George Washington and the cherry tree to Hillary Clinton and her emails in less than 250 years.  What a depressing national decline.  Is this the country we want to leave to our children?  Is this the message we want to deliver to them?


And it should be a Democrat, a candidate, who says that. Who could argue with them?  It has nothing to do with ideology and it is so obviously true.  Hillary is the biggest liar ever to have run for president of the United States, at least before their inauguration.  She makes Richard Nixon seem like Diogenes.  A 14 1/2 minute tape erasure?  Hillary erased 30,000 emails and hid the server they were on, which she wasn’t supposed to have in the first place.  As secretary of State, she should have been on government servers.  Moreover, she made the outrageous claim the erased emails were personal, about interior decorating and yoga.  We already know what BS that was from the hacked emails of Sid Blumenthal.  This woman is so dishonest, it’s hard to know when and if she ever tells the truth.  I don’t think she even knows herself she’s gone so far beyond  Sir Walter Scott’s “tangled web.”

But will any of the Democrats have the guts to say this?  They certainly all know it.  You would have to be an imbecile not to.  Which of these men will be a patriot instead of the usual self-serving cowardly political animal?  Bernie Sanders claims to be an honest man, an idealist.  Isn’t he appalled that Hilary Clinton is so monumentally dishonest?  How about you, Martin O’Malley?  Do you dare — or are you just running to show off your pecs and your guitar licks?  That didn’t get Mike Huffington very far.  (Well, he doesn’t have much in the way of pecs.)  Or how about you, Lincoln Chaffee?  You claim to be a man of integrity, going from Republican to Independent to Democrat in search, supposedly, of the truth.  Aren’t you appalled by a woman lying to America in such a bald-faced manner and then wanting to lead the free world?  Or do you prefer to be polite, be a good boy?


Well, the time has come for us all to see.  Our children are waiting.


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