Roger L. Simon

Recognize Israel??? Rubio Raises Iran Stakes

Marco Rubio is throwing a monkey wrench into Barack Obama’s sainted Iran deal. The Florida senator and recently announced presidential candidate is offering an amendment to the Corker-Cardin bill “requiring the president to certify that Iran has publicly recognized Israel’s right to exist when he submits a nuclear deal to Congress.”

Whoa! Imagine that — the Iranians having to abandon their Neanderthal chants of “Death to Israel!” cum Holocaust denial cum threats of annihilation and recognize one tiny Jewish state amidst a skadillion Islamic ones in order to get billions of dollars of sanctions relief.

You’d think any normal person would applaud this, but it’s a no-no for Barack Obama, the putative great friend of Israel. It might offend the delicate feelings of the Supreme Leader, who would simply go away, or maybe start shouting “Death to America” at the top of his lungs. (He’s probably going to go away at the end anyway, after dragging negotiations out as long as possible. But no matter.)

It seems as if a lot of people are afraid of Rubio’s honesty and morality. AIPAC is nervous. How about Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton? (Well, she’s probably got other things to worry about at the moment.)

Interestingly, the American public is more pro-Israel than ever, even with all the boycott nonsense on campuses. It could be the public is noticing, as never before, just what kind of neighborhood Israel is living in: ISIS is beheading Christians right and left; our supposedly “peace-loving” new Iranian friends are cutting a swath across the Middle East from Lebanon to Yemen while sending millions to Hamas to rebuild terror tunnels. 

But, no, Rubio asking for the Iranians to accept Israel is a bridge too far for our “progressive” administration. Well, it’s not a bridge too far for me. Bravo, Marco!

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is putting forth another amendment, tightening up the Corker-Cardin Bill. Good for him too, although you would think the Constitution already did the job with the separation of powers. (Okay, forget it. We know the administration never pays attention to that stuffy old parchment.) You go, guys!