'Voters for Hillary' Calling—A True Story


I was with my wife and daughter in the kitchen dishing out dinner Thursday evening,  discussing the news of the day, when my cell phone rang. I glanced at it -- unknown number from Orange County -- and, even though I feared a salesman, took the plunge and said hello.

"Am I speaking with Roger Simon?" came a hoarse male voice. Now I was sure it was a salesman.

"Yes," I said in growing trepidation.  "Who's calling?"

"This is 'Voters for Hillary'."

"What?!"  I immediately thought it was a prank.

"'Voters for Hillary.'  We're —"

"'Voters for Hillary.' Are you kidding me?  Didn't you read the New York Times today?"

"What're you talking about?"

"Uranium One. The Clinton Foundation. "

"Yes. That's right.  The Clinton Foundation. We'd like your support. We—"

"Are you crazy?" I was starting to shout.  "Don't you know what's going on? Because of the Clintons, Putin got twenty percent of America's uranium!"

"What're you talking about?" The man sounded genuinely puzzled. This was news to him.

"What'm I...?"  By this time I was shrieking into the phone.  My wife and daughter were looking at me, half amazed, half hysterical. We had just been discussing that latest putrid evolution of the Clinton scandal, but getting into the weeds with this nitwit was more than I could handle.   "Oh, forget it," I clicked off.

No, I don't know how the "Voters for Hillary" got my cell number.  (Yes, they're real.  They have a Facebook page).  Maybe they just dial at random in California, figuring almost everyone's a Hillary supporter. But it should be a warning, even though we already know it. A whole lot of people out there are clueless, even those working for candidates, and likely to remain so.  I didn't get into the 30,000 erased emails with this character but I doubt he would have heard of them.  That the Clinton Foundation was suddenly refiling five years (or possibly the last decade) of taxes and that some $140 million in foreign donations had somehow mysteriously disappeared in the midst of the uranium sale would probably have gone flying over this dude's head.  One wonders if he would have cared.  He was more than likely on a commission anyway.  At least I hope he was.  If he's a volunteer, at this point he should be committed.