Wonderful Copenhagen: Lessons for 2016


Emergency services gather outside a venue after shots were fired where an event titled “Art, blasphemy and the freedom of expression” was being held in Copenhagen, Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/Polfoto, Janus Engel)


If this is Tuesday, it must be… Belgium… oops, Denmark. Sorry, Belgium was last week.  It was Copenhagen this time under jihadist attack… scratch that again… I meant “random violence.”  Is that correct, Mr. President?  A few weeks ago, it was some “folks at a deli” in Paris, now it’s some “folks standing in front of a synagogue” in Cope.  Koinky-dinky, as the kids say. What next?

Oh, no.. Don’t tell me ISIS has got us surrounded in Anbar?  Sorry, I meant ISIL.  I thought they were the jayvee team.  Oh, right, they’re “on the defensive”  and Congress has an ““extraordinary opportunity.”

That’s fine then. Don’t be upset, you “progressives” at the Huffington Post and Vox.  This is just a police matter — like parking tickets or, at worst, running a red light. All this 1938 talk is a bunch of nonsense from wingnuts.  History never repeats itself except, as Marx told us, as farce.  Chairman Barack’s got it all handled.  He’s holding a conference on “extremism.”  And he has a new pen pal.  No, it’s not Netanyahu.


Okay, enough of this.  The “liberals” around us are hopeless useful idiots who wouldn’t know what was happening to them after two years in the Warsaw Ghetto. Maybe Marx was right about the farce.

But we don’t have the luxury.  With each passing day it becomes increasingly clear we are in a huge war of civilizations.  This is a bigger deal than anything since WWII.  Nothing could be more obvious.   That means 2016 is about as serious as it gets.  We need our Churchill fast, but in searching for him (or her) we cannot afford a bloodletting.  We have to treat this as a wartime situation because it is.

Frankly, I haven’t seen a single candidate do that yet. I’m looking for that person.  Everything else is secondary or tertiary.  They’re all irrelevant, even a distraction at this point, if we don’t win the war.  And don’t think we can’t lose.  Our technology is only a small advantage and has already been ripped off and used against us.  The will to win is far more important and our will is next to non-existent, especially at the top.  And as everyone knows, or should, we have almost lost twice before.  It took a Charles Martel at Tours to beat back Islam and, much later, the battle at the Gates of Vienna.  But don’t expect much help at Vienna this time. News from Austria is not great, where Muslims already outnumber Catholics in Vienna schools.  That gates are open.  And if Obama gives Iran the bomb, who needs gates?


So we need somebody relatively fast and somebody who, above all, is a great commander-in-chief.  I’ve said this several times before and will keep saying it until he or she is in place. Moreover, by focusing on winning the war, Republicans will have the best possible chance of winning the election.  The country will be with us.  The average American, smarter than the elites, realizes the danger of losing. They care about their country unambivalently.  But we have to keep up the flow of information to them. We have to inspire them. We cannot stop.  We cannot give up.  We have everything to lose.


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