Roger L. Simon

2016: The Search for a Commander-in-Chief Begins


With uncounted strains of Islamic radicalism metastasizing across the globe like some new version of the Plague, lopping off heads with no antidote in sight, and the Iranian ayatollahs on the brink of nuclear weapons thanks to a U.S. administration that seems almost eager to help them get them (most recently apparently switching allegiance in the Syrian civil war to Iran’s client Assad), America, it has become evident, has no commander-in-chief, at least not one who is wholeheartedly (or even partially) on the side of the West.

And the one we have — such as he is — humiliates our military on a practically daily basis, a sure prescription for defeat.   Ten years ago if someone told you Shariah law would come to America, you would probably have shrugged, possibly even laughed.  It isn’t so funny anymore.  (I’m not laughing.  They evidently lash bloggers.)

Terrifying as this may be, it simplifies greatly who and/or what Republicans should be looking for in a presidential candidate.  Forget economic expertise, special healthcare knowledge, foreign language skills or whatever else you might think is important.  Those things are all fine, but increasingly irrelevant.  Desperately, urgently, above all things, America needs a true commander-in-chief.

But what does that mean?  Though there are undoubtedly many qualities one could name,  I would suggest three basic ones:

1. Someone with a real strategy for how to win. This would include, as a very basic prerequisite, naming the enemy, something not done for two administrations — the first, I would imagine, out of cowardice, the second out of something close to treason.  (Yes, they both have obvious explanations for this behavior that we have all heard a dozen times, but they have reached the level of complete absurdity.  This war has been going in for nearly fourteen years in its current phase – about to triple in length World War II.)

2. The will to carry out this strategy.  This is no small thing.  Tremendous courage and commitment will be necessary to overcome radical Islam, which  has more adherents and fellow travelers than communism and Nazism ever did.  Also, it promises eternal life, something a bit more potent than free health insurance or food stamps.  Furthermore, that person will have to have the fortitude and stamina to deal with non-stop opposition from our liberal media, one of the more self-destructive entities in the history of the human race.

3.  The communication skills to bring the country with him. (I should add “or her,” because I don’t give a hoot about the gender of this person, only if he or she can do the job.  I suspect Lady Thatcher could have done better than anyone currently on our horizon, at least anyone I have seen.)  We need someone with a modicum of charisma and the ability to speak to the masses of the American people, many of whom, despite the years since 9/11, have little idea of what is going on.  It must be explained to them patiently and extensively.  They must be convinced and become part of the team.  This, again, is not easily accomplished.

So, mes amis, it’s the first of February in the 2015th year of somebody’s Lord.  We have a lot to do because we have a lot to lose.  We have to start vetting these people.  We are looking for someone with a backbone the size of Brooklyn but at the same time someone who can charm the pants off the country.  So far, I’m not willing to elevate anyone, although there are some I would cancel out.  But I’m not going to enumerate them here, because I think that is a distraction.  The object is to lift someone up, not pull others down (not on our side away).  As difficult as this search may seem — and it is extraordinarily difficult — we have one thing working on our behalf.  Difficult times seem to bring forth great leaders.  And make no mistake about it, we are in difficult times.