After Paris, Will Obama Continue to Close Gitmo?

Of all the lies Barack Obama has told — and they are almost uncountable, in the thirties on Obamacare alone — by far the most dangerous for you, dear reader, and for almost anyone in the Western world, are the statements he has made about Islamic terror (when he has even admitted it existed). How many times has he told us that al-Qaeda was defeated or on the run? Or that ISIS — now in control of territory the size of Indiana and initiating educational systems for six year olds while turning scores of women into sex slaves — is the jayvee team?


How ridiculous, even obscene, that seems after Tuesday’s events in Paris — especially since the terrorists were evidently trained Islamists, one of them, Cherif Kouachi, having been convicted of terrorism in 2008 and sentenced to 18 months in prison. He emerged to murder a dozen people and maim a dozen more, some of them evidently seriously.

Nevertheless, Obama’s own house organ, the New York Times, tells us that POTUS is working overtime (and secretly) to close the military prison in Guantanamo:

In a series of secret nighttime flights in the last two months, the Obama administration made more progress toward the president’s goal of emptying the military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, than it had since 2009. The accelerated pace came after an era of political infighting and long bureaucratic delays.

Now 127 prisoners remain at Guantánamo, down from 680 in 2003, and the Pentagon is ready to release two more groups of prisoners in the next two weeks; officials will not provide a specific number. President Obama’s goal in the last two years of his presidency is to deplete the Guantánamo prison to the point where it houses 60 to 80 people and keeping it open no longer makes economic sense.

Economic sense? Another lie. When did Obama care about that? But more importantly, just who is being released here? Another Cherif Kouachi?

Actually, it’s even more dangerous than that. Kouachi is literally the jayvee compared to many of Islamothugs incarcerated in Gitmo, some of whom have even toyed with nuclear weapons. Several have already rejoined the jihad since release, making Obama an accessory to murder, if you think about it on any rational level. And the worst offender, the greatest psychopaths, have yet to be released. Given what just occurred in Paris, the next paragraph from the NYT is particularly disturbing. The Republican congresspeople empowered with approving the next secretary of Defense should take note:


Although Mr. Obama still has a long way to go, senior administration officials say the president is expecting Ashton B. Carter, his nominee for defense secretary, to move more aggressively on emptying Guantánamo than did Chuck Hagel, the previous defense chief. Mr. Obama may be commander in chief, but Mr. Hagel had the power to delay approval of prisoner transfers from Guantánamo for months. Fearful that the freed detainees could become a security threat to American troops abroad, Mr. Hagel moved slowly, frustrating the White House, and ultimately resigned under pressure.

It would be interesting to know just who those “senior administration officials” are. I bet they are hiding under a rock at this moment. Of course the NYT will never tell us. Neither would Pravda.

As I said earlier, it is your safety and mine that is involved here, not to mention our families and millions of other innocent people in practically every country. Short of a lobotomy, there is absolutely no reason to believe that those incarcerated in Guantanamo have reformed in any way. They are essentially mass murderers for a fanatic religious cause. Do you want them released on the world? Barack Obama — a genuinely confused man — does. He’s got jihadists mixed up with doofuses selling pot in Seattle — and I mean that literally. Still playing out the unfulfilled dreams of his childhood — the words of Frank Marshall Davis and other ideologues embedded in his unconscious — he is endangering all of us. It is mandatory that we don’t let it happen.


Democrats too had better wake up or I suspect, as is about to happen in Europe, there will be a revolution at the voting booth unlike any that has been ever been seen. 2014 will have been child’s play.


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