The Big 'Lone Wolf' Dodge

The current breakout of supposed "lone wolves," like the absurd "workplace violence" euphemism, is yet another example of the Obama administration attempting to distract the public from the issues, in this case the most important issue of all, the continuing and growing global spread of violent Islamic ideology.

Blame anything but Islam as the cause of a problem and instruct the FBI, our intelligence agencies and, alas, even our military always to do the same. Call it "lone wolves," "workplace violence," or even "the man in the moon." Call it anything you want -- just don't use the I-word.

But that's very point, isn't it? There wouldn't be any "lone wolves," assuming that's what they are, were there not an Islam to make them feel not alone. You don't see "lone wolves" adhering to another religion or ideology. Those guys up in Canada and the New York nut case with the hatchet, they weren't spouting Mahayana Buddhism or Zoroastrianism or the Book of Mormon or the Book of Mark or the Bhagavad Gita or Kabbalah or even, these days, Marxism-Leninism-Mao-Tse-tung thought... or have I missed something?

So our so-called protective agencies -- foreign and domestic -- living in this PC nightmare, don't even get to ask the most obvious operative questions such as: Just what is it about Islam that attracts these people? (Can you imagine the discontent this creates inside the FBI, intel agencies and especially the military? The memoirs are just beginning.)

This isn't new, of course. This bowdlerizing approach toward Islam goes back to poor decisions made during the Bush administration, but they have been doubled-down on and squared by the current one. In fact, Obama's contention that the Islamic State -- and therefore the myriad other extremist groups who differ only slightly from ISIS, if at all -- is not Islamic may be one of the most fateful lies ever told by an American president. It's patently obvious these groups act under a literal interpretation of Islam's holy writings. To deny that these groups -- who may attract as many as a hundred million active participants and fellow travelers -- are not at the very least a substantial part of Islam is to paper over that the religion itself is in drastic need of a reformation. And what about the rest of Islam, the other nine hundred million of so-called moderate Muslims, who seem to stand around doing nothing -- rarely, if ever, protesting and never demonstrating -- while their more extreme brethren rape, behead and pillage? At this point, the reformation of Islam is probably necessary for the survival of humanity.