The Nowhere Man Goes to War


Pity Barack Obama.  Our hapless chief executive must be suffering from a cognitive disorder the size of Alpha Centauri.   The poor guy grew up on the anti-imperialist mouthings of lefty poet Frank Marshall Davis, schoolboy revolutionary Bill Ayers and later anti-Israel professor Rashid Khalidi, not to mention the well-known anti-American excrescences of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and now he has to go to war — as an imperialist — against the very Third World people he was told again and again we colonized and destroyed.  His head must be about to explode.


No wonder he insisted in his Wednesday night speech that the Islamic State is not Islamic — what is it? Hindu?  Zoroastrian? A lost tribe of Hasidic Jews? — and that we are fighting an amorphous “terrorist group” (the Irish Republican Army?  Basque separatists perhaps?), not the jihadism whose violent ideology has so obviously metastasized across several continents under many guises during his administration with no end remotely in sight.  He dares not name our enemy, although it’s almost impossible to imagine how we could win without doing so.  He cannot say anything that’s true because he doesn’t know what is true or, perhaps more likely, is terrified to know and then have to admit it.  If he did, everything would unravel, not just the jejune Marxism of Frank Marshall Davis.  Everything.

But he does know what his poll numbers are and they aren’t good.  So we are where we are. Half way in and half way out. Forget Winston Churchill.  Forget Douglas MacArthur. The USA is going to war with a nowhere man who no longer knows what he stands for — and who originally stood for very little more than widely discredited and tired left-wing drivel masquerading as hope and change.  Now even that’s gone, a distant memory.

We all remember the Beatles’ lyrics:


He’s a real Nowhere Man
Sitting in his Nowhere Land
Making all his nowhere plans for nobody

Two days ago, according to reports,  Obama was still reluctant to do anything about the beheaders of ISIS, but was finally driven to act because of those disastrous polls and broad hints from some of his party members that he was leading them to electoral disaster.  Others in that same party were mortified he might actually go to war, so, being Barack Obama, in other words a nowhere man, he split the difference — no boots on the ground (except for a piddling 475 advisers — let’s hope there won’t be any “mission creep”).

Welcome to nowhere war waged by a nowhere man.

Staying in a Beatles mode, we might say Obama is getting what he deserves — Instant Karma. (“Instant Karma’s gonna get you/ Gonna knock you right on the head/You better get yourself together, etc.”)

But Obama’s not going to “get himself together” because there’s no way he can.   You reap what you sow. Win the Nobel Peace Prize for no discernible reason and suffer the consequences of the famous dictum attributed to Leon Trotsky:  “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”  And at this moment war is very interested in Barack Hussein Obama even though he couldn’t be less interested in it.


But, as a wiser head once said, “You go to war with the army you have.”  And we can’t allow ISIS, or ISIL, as our president prefers to call it, to continue its murderous activities.  We have no choice but to exterminate them.  Let’s hope we really do it.  But while we’re at it, let’s keep our eye extra peeled on the far bigger enemy, the one that Obama has coddled since before he was in office and continues to coddle until now.  You know  — Iran.   They don’t like ISIS either, so they’ll be cheering us on… while they build their bomb.

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