Roger L. Simon

Obama's Border Plans and Some Guys Named Al


In a lust for Latino votes and voters — and, oh yes, great compassion for the children of Central America, etc. — Obama seems poised to act unilaterally on immigration, granting a massive amnesty to illegal aliens while doing little or nothing about border security.

In two words, this stinks. It stinks not because of the children, good or bad, justifiable or not, invading our border, or the nice or not so nice people currently here, or even the drug cartels, murderous as they are. Those are problems — in many cases bad problems. But they can be handled in a variety of ways with a variety of solutions, including some compromises that may or may not make you happy, but, you know, that’s life. It’s not perfect, in case you haven’t noticed.

This stinks for a far more important reason on which compromise would be suicidal — some guys named Al. I’m talking about al Qaeda, al Nusra, al Shabaab, Ansar al Islam, Al Umar Mujihadeen, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, etc., etc. Okay, they’re not all named Al, but you get the idea. They all would be delighted to cross our border to kill us, maybe destroy our civilization into the bargain.

In fact, another Al, a newly celebrated one, Al Baghdadi, the head of ISIS, now the Islamic State, told our soldiers he’d see them in New York when he was released from an Iraqi jail. We’ve see what’s happened since then — mass killings in open graves, heads on stakes, Christians in forced conversions, etc. Holocaust stuff. And just the other day they made a video pledging to wave the black flag of Muhammed over the White House.

Were they kidding? Was Hamas kidding? Al Qaeda? Hezbollah? The Taliban? Whatever avatar of the Muslim Brotherhood pops up tomorrow or next Tuesday?

Can you imagine what would happen if these people got into our country and blew up a handful of shopping malls in Texas or… or… well, we’ve all made up the scenarios and they’re not very farfetched. They’re just as real as those 40 monstrous Hamas tunnels shooting out into Israel from Gaza.

Who knows how many are already here? According to one report, immigrants from over 75 countries entered this country illegally in the last four years. No, they weren’t all Scandinavian.

Yes, an open U.S. border is suicidal these days. More than that — it’s nuts! Any president who really cared for the American people would set border security as priority number one.

Ours hasn’t, obviously. He has other plans — vote-getting plans, “compassionate” plans. But I wonder if he ever wakes up at night, wondering who’s riding those endless jet skis crossing the Rio Grande. If something really bad is about to happen. If he doesn’t, there’s something really wrong with him.

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