Should the Republicans Mount a 'Charm Offensive'?

obama_chalkboard_abacus_thumbnail_9-30-13-1 Treat liberal politicians like misguided children who need help. We already know they're terrible at math.

The GOP sucks at public relations. Almost everyone knows it.

Sorry to use that vulgarism, but it's the only word that fits.  Since Ronald Reagan, Republicans have had, in the words of Cool Hand Luke's  Strother Martin, "a failure to communicate." A bad one.

Yes, they have some victories, but, given that they usually have almost all the facts and truth on their side, the number of losses is staggering.

Conservative leaders like Palin and now Cruz are great at preaching to the choir, but almost never get beyond it.  And the so-called moderates and RINOs excite no one.

It's a nasty situation -- particularly now in the face of the umpty-ump government shutdown with more undoubtedly to come and the Obamamedia lined up to blame intransigent Republicans.

Oh, for a Ronald Reagan!

But failing that, because a new RR doesn't seem to be on the horizon, what can be done?

I propose it's time to mount a Republican "charm offensive."

Don't laugh.  It seems to be working for the Islamic Republic of Iran -- and if it can work for the mullahs, whose minions scraped makeup off the faces of women with razor blades, it can work for anyone.

And when I say "charm offensive," I don't mean cozying up to the editors of the New York Times or the execs at CBS. That's about as useful as trying to hit the moon with a water pistol.

Here's what I mean. Mount a "charm offensive" toward the American people. Start to seduce them.  Almost everyone believes in conservative ideas, especially in the economic area, when they stop to think about it. It's what most parents normally teach their children. They're just not allowed to admit it in the heat of partisan debate. They have to pull for their team or face unpleasant feedback from family and friends.  Also, they're prey to the foregone conclusions of the media.