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Welcome the New York Times' Great New Columnist — Vladimir Putin


Forget that creaky feminist Maureen Dowd.  Forget that pompous know-it-all Paul Krugman. And that pseudo-conservative neo-yuppie David Brooks. They're all yesterday's news and oh-so-repetitive. The New York Times has finally found a columnist worth reading.

He's so good they might even be able to revive the late-lamented Times Select program and make a little money from him, bring that stock back and sell some papers, even the dead-tree kind.

Welcome, Vladimir Putin!

Okay, he's occasionally guilty of a little disinformation KGB-style and his English can sound a little stiff and translated,  but he probably has the best set of ghost writers extant.  How about Yevgeny Yevtushenko?  Have any of Barack Obama's speech-writing hacks ever written anything nearly as good as "Babi Yar?"  No bloody way!

So kudos to the New York Times for their new columnist.  He at least can back up his opinions with actions unlike the rest of the blowhards on their op-ed page.  Let's hope his first column of September 11, 2013, is only the beginning of a long, literary relationship.