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Celebrity Divorce Notes: Detroit's Bankrupt, But Michael Moore's Just Fine


Entertainment sites like E! Online and Show Biz 411 were aflutter today with the news that filmmaker Michael Moore has filed for a divorce to end his 21-year marriage to Kathleen Glynn. Glynn was also a collaborator/producer on many of Moore's films.

Roger Friedman at Show Biz 411 is especially saddened by this event. I can't say I am. To me Moore is one of the most hypocritical people of our time, someone who has lied and distorted his way to a net worth of $50 million while the citizens of Detroit, one hour's drive from his sainted Flint, survive under horrifying Third World conditions (40% of their traffic lights don't work!) in a now bankrupt city.

Meanwhile, the supposedly working class Moore has hired a "powerful lawyer," according to Friedman's article, no doubt to protect his share of his gigantic fortune.

It will be interesting to see how Glynn deals with this. She undoubtedly has a lot of interesting things to say, if she decides to open up. Moore has a long history of two-facedness, going back to his early television days when he tried to prevent young writers working for him from joining the Writers Guild. (Imagine that -- the great progressive is anti-union.)