Remove the Media from the Debates

I was appalled, although not surprised, to read the just announced list of moderators for the forthcoming presidential debates: Jim Lehrer of PBS, Candy Crowley of CNN, Bob Schieffer of CBS, and Martha Raddatz of ABC (VP debate).

All liberals from liberal news organizations. Not even a token representative from Fox or the Wall Street Journal -- not in the moderator seat anyway.

Don't we live in a democracy? Or is this Syria or Egypt where its new Islamist president just wrested power from the military?

I thought back to the primary campaign when Newt Gingrich proposed Lincoln-Douglas style debates sans moderators. It was a good idea then and a good idea now.

Of the four candidates currently, the one who would triumph in a Lincoln-Douglas format is Paul Ryan, who is by far the most articulate of the four, more articulate, I think, even than the loquacious Gingrich. But whatever the case, the chances of this more even-handed approach being adopted are virtually nil.