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Assad a "reformer" - Is Hillary Clinton a moron?

No, she is not, but our secretary of State was certainly acting like an idiot when she branded Bashar Al-Assad a "reformer" on Sunday's "Face the Nation," that is unless she was going for laughs. The Assads, pere et fils, are reformers in the sense Pol Pot was a reformer. The major difference between the Alawite dictators and the Cambodian was the extent of their brutality. Not only that, Bashar is now allied with Iran, the nation, as we all know, whose religious fanatic leaders are busily trying to construct nuclear weapons.

So why did Clinton make such an insane statement? Well, my guess is the administration realizes they have a problem, having cherry-picked Gadaffi as the Middle Eastern despot target du jour. It's bizarre to characterize the Libyan madman as "low-hanging fruit," but that's what he was, chosen to show the administration's street cred as actual anti-totalitarians in the Islamic world. In reality, the administration is clueless and, worse than that, valueless.