Roger L. Simon

Poliwood: Has Liberal Hollywood Finally Crossed the Rubicon?

Those show biz Bickersons are back (Lionel Chetywynd and me) with our latest Poliwood – Has Liberal Hollywood Finally Crossed the Rubicon?

The “Rubicon” in question is the new spy series by that name on AMC and the answer is, well… who knows? But the first two episodes show some promise that they were not overwhelmed by the usual PC-equal-time censorship/editing that comes from network/studio legal departments.

The hero is the usual burned-out spy, but in this case he’s burned out because his wife and child were killed in 9-11. Also, bits of dialog slip out, including a positive reference to the fruits of British imperialism, that you don’t usually hear on commercial television.

Lionel liked the episodes better than I did. And he’s right that it it is well maade – almost like a spy movie. The problem for me was that I found it, alas, a dull spy movie. But maybe I spoiled. I’m curious what you all think, if you’ve seen it. (The show airs just before “Mad Men,” so its premiere episode did very well.)

Future Poliwoods will include our “Back to School Special” next week (Hurray for Groucho Marx, Animal House, Rodney Dangerfield and Glee!) and a look at the honorary Oscar being awarded this year to Jean-Luc Godard. We’re not so sure it’s deserved for a variety reasons we will explain.

As always, we welcome your feedback.

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