Poliwood: 'Funny is Money' and Obama ain't funny

There is an old Hollywood expression, “Funny is money,” that explains why comedy stars like Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, etc., make so much of it. They are usually the most reliable money makers at the box office.


Lionel and I refer to that movie biz cliche in the new Poliwood which segues from the Obama-induced gridlock that teed off so much of Los Angeles — Democrat and Republican — a couple of weeks ago. The President, you may recall, came out here to shake the Hollywood money tree but wound up in the home of a…. writer? Obama – no Clinton he – was unable to land the manse of a Streisand or a Geffen for his fundraiser. Hollywood and Obama really just don’t get along.

And meanwhile, Hollywood is having troubles of its own, financially. Well, maybe not compared to the rest of us.

See and read all about it the new PoliwoodObama’s Hollywood Gridlock. It’s the first of a new and, we hope, better produced season. Let us know what you think (politely?).


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