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Did Markos Moulitsas sleep through "Lawrence of Arabia"?

I have to admit I wasn't terribly surprised when I read Rand Simberg's post (via Glenn) reporting that Markos Moulitsas got Turks confused as Arabs on This Week. Markos has never struck me as the most literate sort, his expletive-laden writing style reminiscent of the text messages of a self-important seventh grader. So I wouldn't be surprised if Markos has never read Seven Pillars of Wisdom, but he surely must have seen Lawrence of Arabia at some point.

Still, let's give the guy a break. It's a long movie and maybe he fell asleep during the part about the Turks. And also let's give Markos a break about this absurd comment he made on the show about the Israelis: "They alienated an important Arab ally in Turkey, and they put the United States in a really difficult position." Important ally? Well, we all know Markos would never read the Wall Street Journal. Nothing but propaganda.

But in the interest of his education, I will provide for Markos this classic scene from Lawrence, because for Markos "nothing is [indeed] written." Unfortunately, the meaning isn't quite the same in this case as the movie.