Roger L. Simon

Obama on Fox - it's desperation time

There’s no way Barack Obama would have appeared on Fox Wednesday night in a sit-down interview with Bret Baier had not the President’s health care bill been in serious trouble. Things must be really bad, even with all the legislative legerdemain being cooked up by Pelosi and company. The interview itself was testy with Baer doing relatively well, I thought. Nevertheless, the President was able to filibuster away from answering most of the questions. But whoever “won,” I doubt it changed many minds at this point; everybody’s already so disgusted with the process. (I was amused by the competition between Baer and Obama over the number of emails they received. When Baer claimed 18000 for Fox, Obama felt he had to best him with 40000 a day to the White House.)

When you think over the last year, it’s clear Obama has some of the most inept advisers in recent presidential history. Allowing him to risk his entire presidency on a global overhaul of health care – when an incremental overhaul could have been had simply for the asking – seems absurd politics, win or lose. It also isn’t worth that much in the grand scheme of things – other than the obvious, increasing the amount of the economy under government control. The nostalgia for marxism inherent in it all this almost pathetic. Don’t these people live in the real world?

And yet we have had virtually nothing but health care for the last twelve months. When Obama pops up to in the foreign policy sphere, you’re surprised to see him there. What does Iran have to do with health care? (Well, there’s nuclear fallout. That’s a health issue.) His reply on Iran at the end of Baer’s interview seemed almost perfunctory. He insisted he was wrangling other countries in opposition to the mullahs’ nukes. But we know it’s not true. He’s not really interested in that. What keeps Obama up at night is the House health care vote, member by member by member by member. Heaven help us.