Roger L. Simon

Poliwood: Countdown to the Oscars - "Whatever Works" doesn't

It’s Oscar season again – long and drawn out as that may be – at least Oscar season for Lionel Chetwynd and me because we are starting to receive the annual screeners. Soon it will be like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and we will have enough of these leftover DVDs to provide coasters for “My Big Fat Greek Wedding II.” [Are they making that?-ed. Not to my knowledge]

Poliwood091105aAnyway Lionel and I will review those of interest to us on Poliwood – the first being Woody Allen’s “Whatever Works,” starring Larry David as Woody – the aging playing the aged. Anyway, Woody’s fantasy that you can be attractive to twenty-year olds at seventy goes on. Lionel and I have fun with it here. And we have some other comments about DAvid and Allen as well. Speaking of the aged, old Poliwoods are here.