Roger L. Simon

Are the Obamanoids as dumb as they seem?

Team Obama certainly ran a brilliant election campaign, but since they left Chicago for Washington, they seem to have dropped about twenty-five IQ points – or do they think the rest of the world is like Chicago? I’m not even sure it’s that simple, because Moscow in some ways (corruption) resembles Chicago, but they sure seem to have misjudged the Russians, among many other things.

Of course, they can (and do) blame their tanking poll numbers on Fox News, but that’s a sure fire prescription for having them tank even further. Even the New York Times admitted that Team Obama was blind to the most conventional of wisdom about “punching upwards not downwards,” thus benefitting Fox instead of themselves by attacking the network. I always thought the Bushies were a disaster at public relations, but the Obamanoids are giving them a run for their money. Maybe Lord Acton should be revised: Power corrupts, but absolute power makes you absolutely clueless!

And the cluelessness is absolutely mind-boggling. What, pray tell, was going through the head of Anita Dunn (a Democratic Party political “pro“) when she named Mao (along with Mother Teresa) as her philosophical inspiration at a high school (not college – my bad) graduation speech? If this weren’t an act of monumental stupidity (neither are philosophers, to begin with, although Mao’s “On Contradiction“, a work I would bet my house Dunn has never read or even heard of, is an interesting compendium of the Marxist rhetoric of the time), it was an extraordinary act of unconscious self-immolation. On top of it all, Ms. Dunn apparently hadn’t gotten the message from Christopher Hitchens regarding the sanctity of Mother T.

But never mind. This is dumbness beyond dumbness, a desperate attempt by an aging boomer to show how hip she was to a younger crowd. Whether she knew Mao was the greatest mass murderer of all time was beside the point. She was cool. [NOTE TO TROLLS: Spare us the argument she was being ironic. Only a blithering idiot could believe that. Was she being ironic about Mother Teresa in the same sentence?] What fascinates in all this – and potentially gives us scary insight into the Obama crew – is the following from Wikipedia about Dunn: During the presidential transition of 2008-09, Dunn trained White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.[citation needed]

I have left the “citation needed.” As of now, Dunn is innocent (of that) until proven guilty. But if it is true, that’s all we need to know. When does the housecleaning start?