Roger L. Simon

No Shoes for A-Jad: Helmsley better than Obama so far

The New York Helmsley has ‘ankled,’ as they say in Variety-ese, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when the hotel discovered the Iranian Holocaust-denying psycho was speaking at a banquet at their facility. “Neither the Iranian Mission nor President Ahamdinejad is welcome at any Helmsley facility,” said Hemsley Properties spokesman Howard Rubinstein. No shoes for A-jad, evidently. Let’s hope Gotham Hall follows suit. That banquet hall is hosting another Ahmadinejad banquet and speech on Sept. 25. [Maybe he can eat at one of those street corner halal stands.-ed. I thought you were retired.]

Meanwhile, the action is heating up on A-jad’s home turf again. As per usual, the mainstream media is (relatively) and the President (completely) silent. It’s easy to understand why they try not to say a word about Tea Party demonstrations (the political opposition, you know), but freedom demonstrators in the streets of Tehran? Fortunately, France 24 has interesting video (see below). But that’s not surprising. Sarkozy has been vastly more outspoken about the Iranian nuclear threat than Obama.