Roger L. Simon

"We open in Venice" - Blog and New Media Addict Goes on Vacation

I am writing this on a Virgin America flight from LAX to JFK, en route to a vacation in Venice, Verona, Parma (an agriturismo farm), Milano and Paris. Yes, it’s great and I am jealous of myself.

Unfortunately, so far it hasn’t been so terrific. The plane was almost two hours late getting off (air conditioning) and the onboard wifi is very slow (bitch, bitch). I have also discovered I am not as much of a fan of electronic reading as I assumed. I downloaded a copy of Of Human Bondage to my iPhone, but have been getting eyestrain trying to read. [The way you’re complaining, you sound like you really need a vacation. Did you bring your tennis racquet?-ed. I did. And I even booked a court in advance in a place called Bussetto, Italy, a few miles from Verdi’s house. You mean you booked a tennis court, but you didn’t book a restaurant? What? You think I’m crazy. We booked about six of those. I had to book the tennis or I’d turn into a blimp.]

Anyway, before leaving Lionel Chetwynd and I put a Poliwood in the can with a very special in-studio guest – Eric Cantor. [Now I’m really confused. He’s a filmmaker?-ed. Obviously not. He was out here speaking to an audience of entertainment professionals and we sort of corralled him. He’s one of the more impressive guys in the Republican Party, or any party, for that matter, at the moment, and I think it made an interesting show. He had a lot to say about the role of media. Should be up on PJTV Monday or Tuesday.]

The real question, of course, is… am I really capable of a vacation? Probably not. But I think I’m still capable of having some fun. So if I’m going to blog, I can at least do it from a gondola. [A gondola? Is Pajamas Media going public?-ed. Okay, a vaporetto.] Anyway, watch this space for close up photos of Venetian specialties like squid risotto. Hell, it may even turn into a food blog.