Roger L. Simon

John Hughes envy (no more)

JohnHughes02I have to admit that I used to be jealous of John Hughes. He had a much bigger career in Hollywood than I did and, envious me, I used to disparage his films occasionally as thin teen gruel. I was completely wrong, of course, and pretty much knew it then, even before The Breakfast Club came out and it became painfully honest that he was as good as anybody at any level. In our PPoliwood memoriam to Hughes, Lionel says he was better than Spielberg and that a hundred years from now that will be acknowledged. Who knows? One thing is sure – Hughes was more politically sophisticated than Spielbeg. You can see some evidence in the Poliwood episode if you missed it. I am posting here for that reason, even though it’s been up on PJTV for a couple of days and linked various places. There are some good clips of Hughes’ films too. Have a look.