Roger L. Simon

Micheletti Interview: (No) Cash for (Political) Clunkers

The PJTV interview with Roberto Micheletti went up yesterday. As far as I know it’s the first English-language video interview with the interim Honduran president. If you haven’t seen it, take a look. I would be interested in your evaluation.

I readily admit I’m far from expert in Honduran politics. Until the recent contretemps, my knowledge of that country was pretty much restricted to trying to memorizing the spelling of their capital and to perusing their scuba sites online (they sound good). But in the last few weeks I’ve been getting something of an education and watching this interview my impression of Micheletti was quite positive. He doesn’t seem like a golpista (coup-ist) to me, no matter what the administration and the State Department want me to believe. In fact, I would imagine if you interviewed Micheletti and Zelaya back-to-back the comparison would be almost too obvious. Just as they did in Iran, the administration made a political clunker – and they didn’t pay any cash for it either, or receive any. All they are doing is giving the good Hondurans a hard time while making Chavez at least partly happy.

Is that just me? Take a look and write your impressions.