Roger L. Simon

PJTV scores scoop with first English-language interview with interim Honduran President Micheletti

We’re all waiting with baited (or bated) breath here at PJTV central to see the interview just scored by “Our Man in Tegucigalpa” Chris Burgard with Roberto Micheletti – the interim Honduran president who has been treated with some disdain by our administration. [Is that the same gang that had mixed feelings about the Iranian democracy movement?-ed. Yeah, those guys. The “progressives.”] This is Micheletti’s first video interview en ingles, though he did write an op-ed for the WSJ a few days ago.

According to Chris, he talks with PJTV about the visas for Honduran diplomats withdrawn by our State Department, Hezbollah, Chavez, Obama and the Narco War. Can’t wait to see it myself. The video should be up on PJTV sometime Saturday morning, the goddess willing.

Meanwhile, check out PJTV’s extensive Honduras coverage here. For some reason the mainstream media isn’t covering this story much anymore. After branding the expulsion of President Zelaya a coup, they called it a day, even though the Honduran Supreme Court itself had ordered the wannabe caudillo stripped of his office. [They’re not saying much about the Iranian freedom demonstrators either. -ed. Not their thing, I guess.]