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Time Mag: Dying Nation Loses Self in Michael Jackson Trivia

Of course, that is NOT Time Magazine's headline for this week.  It's "The Battle Over Michael Jackson's Legacy." Yawn. Meanwhile, the unemployment level is hitting 9.5%, highest since 1983.

For July 6, Time's cover blares: What Barack Obama Can Learn from FDR. Earth to Time: Roosevelt did not get us out of the Depression. Indeed, he may have made things worse. The market crash of '37 was worse than '29. His economic policies varied almost daily, according to some recent reports. Yes, he may have improved some things for the future. But it's hard to know what would or wouldn't have been.

In any case, this coming July 4 may be prove to be a watershed. Cap-and-trade and health care reform may have already stalled with an unemployed skeptical public. Now what?