Roger L. Simon

Loyal Servant of Lord Steve reports on his new iPhone

Yes, loyal servant of Lord Steve (now thankfully back in his post as CEO) that I am, I ordered the new iPhone 3G S in advance and got mine on the appointed day and, unlike others apparently, was able to activate in minutes. Verdict: Best. Toy. Ever… or almost ever for this aging boy. It’s also a dangerous toy with many gee-gaws to attract and distract while driving. And that’s indeed a problem, as anyone who has lived in or visted SoCal can attest, because no one drives much over ten mph on our roads or freeways anymore.  Too crowded.  They’re more like conveyor belts. We move along like stop and go snails, the stopping parts being the majority.  So an iPhone beside you is indeed a useful but  dangerous distraction.  You can read Instapundit, the dreaded NYT, and on and on.  Even the new compass is an amusing plaything.  (What direction am I going?  Oh, that’s northwest.  All these years I thought it was northeast, etc.)

I also enjoy searching for apps. I have downloaded many I have not used, including language dictionaries for trips not taken. My latest is Trapster, a program that monitors speed traps.  I just used it and it located my house and various points around it, saying aloud, “Police often hide here.”  In those instances, I have the evidence (tickets) to prove they are right.  So maybe this one works, if there’s ever little enough traffic to ever speed again.

But what induced me to buy the latest iPhone is the addition of video.  It’s not great, but it’s certainly sufficient.  I shot the above quickie of my office a few minutes ago, then emailed it to myself and put it up here, lickety-split.  So I’m ready if, speaking of quickies, I catch some Senator en flagrante delicto. You never know these days.  And I do a lot of flying.