Roger L. Simon

Netanyahu, Obama and the Iranian Coup d'Etat

On the brink of his speech today, Benjamin Netanyahu is in a complicated position. The ongoing events in Iran have altered the landscape. The ruthless insanity of the mullahs is once again exposed for all the world to see. It would seem obvious – and it is – that Israel has to defend itself from a nuclear armed Iran in the hands of these religious psychopaths.

And yet the same few days have demonstrated once again the idealism and courage of a good percentage of Iran’s youth. Perhaps their candidate Mousavi is not worth their loyalty, but his followers themselves are clearly laudable. Who would want to hurt them?

Whatever the Israelis do, I would hope they take these young people into account.

It is also a defining moment for Barack Obama. These same despicable mullahs are the ones that arm the terrorists of Gaza (Hamas) and Lebanon (Hezbollah)and instigate their activities. It is time for Obama to take that much more deeply into account and stop sounding like a Jimmy Carter clone. He should refocus away from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which will only be resolved when Hamas loses power, and onto the issue of Iranian freedom, the much larger issue for the world. It would be inspiring to see the American president, in his words at least, standing by the side of those Iranian students.

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