Roger L. Simon

Attention all dentists: Newsweek to raise its subscription price one dollar

Newsweek – that for-some-reason-still-existing-terminally-bourgeois-mag that not so long ago informed us our troops were flushing Korans down Gitmo toilets when Gitmo doesn’t even have flush toilets, only chemical ones – has decided to raise its cover  price one dollar and provide us with the “first draft of history.” [Your sentence is too long.-ed. Who asked you?  My job.]  Anyway, here’s the plan via the NY Post:

Newsweek hopes to double the price subscribers pay to about 80 cents a copy.

In addition to the lower circ, the mag’s content will change, moving away from chasing breaking news stories.

The new Newsweek will have four main sections. Scope will replace the old Periscope section, and The Take will feature all the magazine’s columnists.

Features will be long narratives, which Meacham is calling, “The First Draft of History,” and photo essays. The Culture will cover TV, movies and books each week, but with fewer reviews.

On the newsstand, consumers will see the cover price go up by $1 to $5.95.

Ah, those first drafts. Most of us keep them hidden, but Newsweek is upping the price. Jack Hanrahan, who runs Circ Matters, thinks they’re on to something: “It’s a very smart thing for them to try to do,” he said. Note the use of the word “try”. Good try, Jack. In the Internet Age, the newsweekly itself – even a good one (not Newsweek) – has already gone the way of stegosaurus. Raise prices? You can’t even give them away at the dentist.