Roger L. Simon

Is Kindle the new paperback?

I was more pleased than I expected to see my recent book Blacklisting Myself: Memoir of a Hollywood Apostate in the Age of Terror is finally available on Kindle. I use the Kindle myself for its portability and excellent storage with books accessible from anywhere. (No more endlessly adding bookshelves, which are overloaded the next day.) If my own view is any indication the Kindle and related e-books will morph quickly into the paperback reprints of the future. And unlike paperbacks, these digital books won’t disintegrate on the shelves.

An interesting question for publishers will be the time delay between hardback and digital publication. My own book was in print around Feb 1 with the Kindle appearing mid-May. But this was entirely an accident of the new form. In the old days, a paperback wouldn’t appear until a year after initial publication. My Moses Wine books will reappear on Kindle later this year – not sure yet whether this will be all at once or phased in. Some of that will be in my control (for once). [Then you will have nobody to blame but yourself.-ed. The truth is out!]