Roger L. Simon

Ahmadinejad and the Iran outreach program

It’s true that we almost always see what we want or expect to see, but my recent trip to Geneva (I have a piece on it in today’s Washington Times) certainly more than ratified my view on Iran: The mullahs have as much interest in an outreach to America as I do in spending the rest of my life in Ulan Bator. Otherwise they wouldn’t have allowed Ahmadinejad to make his recent racist rant and rave at the UN, which no doubt contributes to increased doubts about rapprochement with Iran even from the Democrats.

Here’s something else I observed, which is a bit scarier: Consciously or unconsciously, Ahmadinejad knows that if he doesn’t have nukes (or continue to develop them) no one will pay attention to him. He’ll just be another tinhorn semi-dictator from a marginal state. His narcissism couldn’t tolerate that. So the chances of his abandoning the pursuit of nuclear weapons from a personal psychological point of view alone is virtually null. But I suppose we all know that.