POLIWOOD - Oscar Predictions: do we need them? Does it matter? Is anybody watching?

Well, those are rhetorical question – sort of. Lionel asks the first one out loud in the new POLIWOOD and I mumble a response:

We’re providing a consumer service in making our predictions. Two “insiders” are telling so-called outsiders what they should be voting for in their Oscar Pools. [Wait, wait, wait, you idiot! Don’t realize you will be sued by a bunch of angry people losing tons of cash off your predictions? Suppose they show up at the Sullivan’s Steakhouse on Monday? Or at CPAC?-ed. But, but, but… I give that traditional warning: past performance is not necessarily a…. Tell that to their lawyers!]


Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted, Lionel Chetwynd and I – two certified Oscar losers – make our predictions for this year’s awards on the new Poliwood. But as I said in the headline: Do we need them?… Does it matter? Is anybody watching?

The answer to the last questions is fewer and fewer in recent years. Will this trend continue? My prediction is Yes. And, unfortunately, we all know the reasons. But you’re certainly free to add yours here – and your predictions. (BTW, Lionel and I, as Academy members, are not allowed to say how we voted, only to predict how the Academy itself will vote. In recent years, I broke that rule and nobody bothered me… or noticed. But Lionel is a stand-up guy and shamed me into observing it this time. Besides, we were on PJTV.)


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