Roger L. Simon

Adrift in Obamaland

I’m just back from DC, which is very different place from my previous visit. I first noticed the change when I got off the train at Union Station and ran smack into this kiosk chock-a-block with Obama gear. I whipped out my iPhone for this skinny photo.

I can’t recall ever having seen anything quite like it during the Bush years.  There were many other similar gift shops scattered about DC.  They reminded me of my visit to Lourdes decades ago, the main street lined with stores one after the other selling Virgin Mary squeegee bottles and the like.  I didn’t see any Obama (or Michelle) squeegee bottles, but just about everything else was available, some of it left over from the inauguration.  The same thing was true on my way out.  I usually stop to buy my daughter a mug at one of the souvenir shops at Dulles before getting on the plane home.  She has quite a collection mugs by now with such things as a yellow cab (for New York, of course) and a wild duck (for Minneapolis for some reason) emblazoned on them.  I was hard put to find a mug at Dulles without Obama (there were literally dozens of different styles)  but I finally discovered one with a Lincoln Memorial motif way in the back of one store, hidden behind a curtain.  I snatched it up, even though the price was three dollars above all the Obama mugs.  Consider it my contribution to the stimulus plan.

So now I’m home, having spent time promoting my book with such lights as Greg Gutfeld, Laura Ingraham, Jim Bohannon and G. Gordon Liddy.  Liddy is quite amazing, sharp as a tack at 79 – and funny. He is in superb shape. If you didn’t know who he was, you would guess he was 59, not 79.  But who in the world wouldn’t recognize Gordon Liddy?