Roger L. Simon

Breitbart, Hanson: No More California Dreamin'

Andrew Breitbart – it’s Andrew’s birthday today, so give the guy extra props – does an excellent job in Monday’s Wash Times of detailing the scurrilous career of California (and Hollywood) Congressman for life Henry Waxman. While Waxman was excoriating Republicans on a daily basis, Andrew reminds us, the Congressman’s liberal entertainment constituency has been headed into the dumper for years as more and more film and television production dollars get spent in other states and overseas. Waxman is doing a lousy job for his sheep-like constituents and even a worse job for America, helping to create a creative climate in which Hollywood makes anti-American films for an increasingly important foreign audience.

Andrew’s article parallels a related post on Victor Davis Hanson’s PajamasXpress blog in which he asks the question Who is the “They” now in California? Of course, Waxman has long been part of the “they,” the group in control, but in recent times, as Victor reminds us, people with similar views have taken over the entire Golden State.

I used to be one of those Californians who subscribed to those views, but now I can see those ideas have done nothing positive for my home state, which is in bankruptcy (or near it) with a dismal public school system and a decaying infrastructure. The Mamas and the Papas used to bring tears of joy to my eyes when they sang the song below. I was so relieved not to be living on the stodgy old East Coast. Now it’s sadness. Is this lost youth? Lost idealism? Or a heavy dose of reality? The boys and girls who attacked The Man have become The Man and made things impossibly worse. They have no one to blame but themselves.

Listen to the lyrics and weep.