Roger L. Simon

Nuclear Iran? Call Rahm!

Rahm Emanuel’s legendary Hollywood hardball skills are being wasted on the lowlife Blagojevich, who isn’t worth five seconds of anybody’s time.  Now that Iran is on the brink of an A-bomb, we should sick Emanuel on A-jad… or, better yet, Ayatollah Khamenei. (“Listen, you dumb f-bomb in a straw hat, you want to work in this town again? You can take that mangy beard and that bomb of yours and shove it up your f-in…”) Actually, Rahm could probably do better. He seems to have mastered the form.  

Anything would be better than our new president who prefers to address the Islamic world in terms of drawing room politesse: “All too often the United States starts by dictating...”  Say what?  Historically speaking, it seems the US has been incredibly open and positive for a country that is the world’s sole super power confronting medieval misogynistic theocracies like Saudi Arabia.  If Obama had an ounce of honesty, he would have told the Islamic world that their myriad problems had everything to do with them and not a thing to do with the USA and Israel.  But no matter.  Maybe Barack’s playing  “good cop, bad cop” and Rahm is giving them the real skinny behind the scenes.  Go to it, Rahm.  All we care about is results, Godfather.