Joe the Plumber in Sderot for PJTV

Well, here it is, the first report from Joe Wurzelbacher in Israel for PJTV – and it came out more interesting than I expected, if I do say so myself. Joe had quite a day in Sderot, as you will see. He comes under attack from Hamas rockets and from the international media. I could make the obvious joke that the latter is worse, but that’s not really true, is it? Those rockets are lethal.


This first report will probably generate another round of vitriol from the hotheads who commented endlessly in the posts below. But it will be interesting to see if some of them ameliorate their views when confronted with Joe Wurzelbacher as a human being. He’s certainly a nice enough fellow. Is he the greatest reporter since Edward R. Murrow? Of course not. But who was Murrow really? Just another media guy with an opinion. And what is media anyway? Well, there’s the question.

Welcome to the Middle East, Joe!


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