Roger L. Simon

Auto bailout Friday: kill the future

It suddenly struck me this Friday morning there is nothing so old-fashioned as the auto bailout.  In the name of so-called honor (how could the US be without an auto industry?) , it is a stake in the heart of the future, entrepreneurship and creativity.  Also, it is radically unfair.  I wouldn’t go so far as Jim DeMint as to predict “rioting,” but I certainly understand his point. Why the auto giants versus so many other endagnered industries?  Bush is not exactly a profile in courage today in apparently opting for the TARP tarp in a last ditch attempt to save the car manufacturers.  It all seems to be a form of sentimentality – and for what?  In the end it seems a rescue program for incompetent execs and thuggish union leaders.  Lose them both, I think.  But then I think – are we really in a worse situation than I even dreamed?  I don’t want to consider it.