Roger L. Simon

Iran - an insane asylum goes nuclear

Does Mumbai give the Israelis license to bomb Iranian nuclear installations? That thought certainly want through my head in the last few days. And I imagine I am not the only one. Mumbai was a true act of religious mania and what we are witnessing in Iran is the same thing writ large. Does anyone want a country where police go around cracking down on “satanic dress“and closing un-Islamic barber shops to have nuclear arms? Sure, not all the mullahs are religious lunatics. Some are merely Mafioisi profiteering on religious lunatics (a relief!), but enough of them believe their psychotic ideology to take this really seriously. A nuclear armed Iran would be liking giving a loaded gun to an infant. No wonder the Israelis are preparing. Wouldn’t you under the circumstances?

Now, I am not advocating the “Barbara Ann” solution. But I am sure the Israelis are doing their saber rattling to wake everyone up, increase the sanctions. Will this happen? In this greedy world, I doubt it. But you gotta try.