Roger L. Simon

The Debate: is it over yet?

Has there ever been a debate as dull as Tuesday night’s? [Yes, you and Robert Kuttner vs. Larchmont High in 1963.-ed.  You saw that?]  Sure, I’m for McCain and he may even have won – if that’s what you call it – but he sure didn’t put in a performance that would put a dent in the polls.  Nor did he act like a man who really wanted the job.  We heard a lot of that “experience” stuff, but without the Jimi Hendrix guitar riffs. Ye olde.

Not that Obama was any better.  We’ve seen all his tedious chops by now ad infinitum and, if things continue as they are, we are likely to see them again and again for four years.  I’m already nodding off. (Actually I’ve been slipping over to the Laker exhibition game on D. Fish is knocking them down, but watch out for Deron Williams.) The problem is – between the war on terror and the financial meltdown – these times are as serious as they get… and our political system has produced little or nothing.  These guys have been running for two years (or is it more?), spent zillions of dollars and, let’s face it, neither of them or their advisers (at least publicly)  has come up with a single thing in the way of original or even intriguing policy.  It’s all been a bunch of nothing – unless you’re a paid political consultant like Axelrod, who is undoubtedly raking in millions for his company with each dimwitted commercial.

And don’t even get me started on Tom Brokaw and that pseudo-Town Hall with questions out of a mediocre junior high school civics class. Our system is broken in a myriad of ways. Who is going to fix it?