Roger L. Simon

Interviewing John Howard

Sometime it’s fun being me.  Sometimes it’s not. [Like reading troll comments in election season?-ed.  No, that’s not so bad.  They provide comic relief. ] I just experienced one of the positive times (and then some). Bill Whittle and I just got to interview the former Australian Prime Minister John Howard of Pajamas TV. Then we got to go out to lunch with him.

The interview itself you can  see on PJTV.  The first seventeen minutes, on the War on Terror, will be streaming live today, other segments in the next day.  All will be available archived on the site. No subscription necessary for this – we’d like your feedback. (First part of archived interview now available here.)

As for Howard himself, he is the kind of standup guy you would imagine him to be. And unaffected in that direct Aussie way. I was very impressed. He’s here in LA to receive the Churchill Prize of the American Freedom Alliance.  They’re have a conference Remembering Munich: The Legacy of Appeasement at which Howard is speaking.