Roger L. Simon

Day III of PJTV - chaos theory at the RNC

Sorry for the low blogging, but as you know I have (temporarily, I assume) become a part-time anchorman at Pajamas TV.  We had a colossally good time today with Fred and Jeri Thompson.  Fred was interviewed by Peter Robinson and Jeri by me (hey, we’re a start-up, but a CEO gets some perks).  Then the Thompsons heard country star John Rich practicing for tonight on the floor below and – friends with Rich – brought the singer up to our booth.  Fred Thompson then interviewed him for PJTV.  This was followed by the Senator interviewing his wife.  All this will be available online at our site in the next day or so.

Oops, gotta go. More later.

Back.  I’m off and Jennifer Rubin has taken over the hot seat.  Being a tv host could get addictive, especially if we can the technology working.  So far, there have been a fair amount of glitches in the hand-offs.  I try to keep a sense of humor about it.  In a week or two I imagine we wont be having these problems.  In any case, it’s about the content and I am proud of the level of chat/punditry we have been having.   And the guests.

UPDATE:  Fred Thompson goes after Michael Moore on PJTV (YouTube excerpt).